Welcome to Plano FFA

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Background of the National FFA Organization

Founded in 1928, the Future Farmers of America brought together students, teachers and agribusiness to solidify support for agricultural education. In Kansas City's Baltimore Hotel, 33 young farm boys charted a course for the future. They could not have foreseen how the organization would grow and thrive.

Since 1928, millions of agriculture students - no one knows exactly how many - have donned the official FFA jacket and championed the FFA creed. FFA has opened its doors and its arms to minorities and women, ensuring that all students could reap the benefits of agricultural education.

Today, the National FFA Organization remains committed to the individual student, providing a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Now, the organization is expanding the nation's view of "traditional" agriculture and finding new ways to infuse agriculture into the classroom.

Plano FFA Chapter

Chartered in 1938, the Plano FFA chapter is a student organization for all students enrolled in agricultural science courses at Plano Senior High School, Vines High School, and Clark High School. Students pay a yearly membership fee and are able to participate in a variety of activities. Having a background or any previous knowledge of agriculture is not required. Through involvement in the FFA students gain skills that will last a lifetime through hands-on experiences, numerous scholarship opportunities, participation at the state and national level, and so much more!


Animal Projects: Lambs, Goats, Pigs

Students purchase a species of livestock, care for the animal at a PISD facility, and exhibit it at shows across the state of Texas. Depending upon their placement at the shows students will receive a paycheck. This past year at the Collin County Livestock Show our students were awarded a combined $20,000!

Competitions: Leadership & Development Events

Leadership Development Events (LDE) provide students public speaking experience through various leadership activities. Students gain practical hands-on experience through Career Development Events (CDE) where they evaluate livestock, plants, and various habitats. Leadership & Career Development Events allow students to visit Texas college and university campuses.

State & National Conventions

Each summer members have the chance to attend the Texas FFA Convention. The state convention is held at various cities throughout the state, this past summer the convention was held in Corpus Christi. The National FFA Convention is held each October. Plano FFA members, along with over 50,000 other FFA members, travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend this event. While attending conventions students elect officers to serve the respective state or national organization, hear speeches from amazing public speakers, meet other FFA members, and experience other aspects of the FFA.

Plus, Many More!!!

AgriScience Fair, Speaking Events, Spanish Creed Speaking, Talent Contests, District Events, Area Events, State Events, Elected Positions, Camps, Scholarships, and many other opportunities await future FFA members!