Double Reed Boot Camp Basics!

Fast-paced Fun with Fundamentals for Oboe and Bassoon

Central Michigan University School of Music

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Sunday, September 24, 1:00-5:30 PM

What? Fast-paced Fun with Fundamentals?

Join CMU professors Dr. Lindabeth Binkley (oboe) and Prof. MaryBeth Minnis (bassoon) for an afternoon "drilling" the fundamentals essential for great tone production and intonation:
  • Embouchure
  • Air Support
  • Articulation
  • Posture & Hand Position
  • Fingerings
  • And more!

We'll play instrument specific games to help bring our concepts to life and have our CMU double reed students on hand to help work one-on-one with any participants needing a little extra help. Things will move fast, so come ready to play!

This Event is Perfect For....

  • Beginning double reed students who can read music, including basic rhythms, and have been playing for a minimum of two weeks
  • Middle or High School double reed students looking to improve their basic skill set, particularly if they do not have access to a private oboe or bassoon instructor
  • Middle or High School students switching from another instrument to the oboe or bassoon
  • Instrumental Directors interested in learning more about how to teach double reeds (Auditors are welcome!)

Registration Information

We hope you can join us for the first of what we hope will become an annual event for young double reed players at the Central Michigan University School of Music. To help make sure all participants have a great day, we have two options available for registration:

1. $25 Maroon Package. This package covers the basic registration for the event.

2. $40 Gold Package.
This package includes a reed made by Dr. Binkley or Prof. Minnis in addition to your registration fee.

Instrumental Directors are also welcome to AUDIT the event at no charge. As an auditor, you may sample various sessions for oboe and bassoon or choose to follow one instrument for the entire afternoon.

We kindly ask that you register by midnight on September 19. (Doing so will give us enough time to prepare reeds if you choose the Gold package.)

A Message from the Professors...

Where is Central Michigan University?


For oboe questions, please contact Dr. Lindabeth Binkley at or call 989-774-1533.

For bassoon questions, please contact Prof. MaryBeth Minnis at or call 989-774-3519.

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