By: Ruta Sepetys

Between shades of gray


"Have you ever wonder what a human life is worth? That morning my brothers was worth a pocket watch." 1941: Lina was about to start art school, she was preparing for everything, but then one night the soviet police aggressively barged into their house and commanded they leave now, as Lina and her brother where getting ready their mother smashed every valuable they had. They where shoved into train cars, packed with tons of people all headed to the same place....concentration and prison camps. They where separated from their father who was sent to a prison camp and sentenced to death. As they begin their journey to many camps all across Europe their mother reminds them one thing, to never loose hope.


I think this book really captured the theme, Never Loose Hope. As they travel all across Europe their mother reminds them one thing. To never loose hope and never give up.


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Historical summary

Their first stop was called a Kolkhoz, a collective farm. Where they dug beets, potatoes and chopped down trees. The "prisoners" had to share huts with Russians. They worked almost all day and when they finally finished they collected their ration of bread which was very small. They where covered in dirt and sweat at the end of the day and sometimes if they where lucky they would get a small potato from the grouchy women they shared the hut with.

Reflection on Historical summary

I think Ruta did a really good job on including this historical place in her book. I feel like when I was reading this book I really felt the struggles the characters were going through. The characters in this book where at this camp for almost over half of the book, then moved to Arctic camps.