Chinese Inventions: Circulation

Connie and Madeline

How It Was Originally Used

After William Harvey found out about the circulation of the blood and people then knew how the blood flows in our body so they took better care of themselves. You may suffer because of poor blood circulation and get heart disease or even worse. So basically the information from Harvey saved some people and that was how it was originally used.
William Harvey and the circulation of blood

How It Changed Chinese People

People didn’t know how our heart worked and how the blood traveled through our bodies. William Harvey started researching about the blood in our body. He found out a lot about it and not a lot of people believed him. His research didn’t save a lot of lives but now since we know how the blood travels around our body it helped a lot of people. If we didn’t know how our blood flows, we would be suffering from poor blood circulation. That can cause heart diseases and diabetes and so much more.