Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? Absolute Zero

He's a Drop Dead Zero

Andrew Jackson is a zero because he forced Native Americans out there settled land where they had created a constitution and also schools, This was called ''The Trail Of Tears''. Another reason he is a zero is because of the "Spoils System". It was where he gave his trusted friends to government positions which was bad because they weren't qualified for a job. The last reason is in the case of "Worcester v. Georgia" because he did not listen to the supreme court which is in the the highest court and he did not follow the court ruling.

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Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

Mr. Vetoer

This Cartoon shows Andrew Jackson standing over the constitution meaning hes making his own rules. He also has a veto in his hand like he likes to do often. It also depicts him as a king because he acted like one during his presidency.

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Trail of Tears Documentary