This Week in Team

Week of February 1, 2016

Monday, February 1

Need Supplies?

Please fill out the spreadsheet IN FULL by 8:00am Friday, 2/5.

Spring Showcase Planning

2016 CHS Spring Showcase

February 29, 2016 - 5:30p - 7:00p

“The Learning Showcase”

Purpose: To highlight and showcase various types of learning experiences for our Coppell ISD community stakeholders. The 2016 Spring Showcase is student-driven and student-centered.

E-invitation: During 4th period class (no later than the week of: Feb 22 - Feb 26), each learner will create an e-invitation inviting their parents to the Spring Showcase. The e-invitation format is up to the learner - vlog, e-mail, audio, tweet, Spring Showcase website page, etc. The evite is essential to communicate with our community. Please plan accordingly to meet this expectation.

Learning Showcase:

  • The 2016 Spring Learning Showcase is completely student-driven and student-centered! It should highlight/spotlight learning this year in your classroom(s).

  • You are encouraged to collaborate in PLC groups based on content area & rigor. For example, all Spanish II on-level may be in one classroom, while all Spanish II honors may be in classroom.

  • Educators should decide which learners (at least 1 -2) per classroom to recruit to facilitate/host the classroom environment during the Spring Showcase. (Sidenote: consider students who typically would not be involved in other activities to give them a voice and purpose).

  • Educators are encouraged to remain outside the classroom to greet visitors; this allows for educators to travel between preps as well if desired.

  • The academic focus will showcase the following (since the start of the school year):

    • learning design (In what ways/How have the students learned in your class?)

    • student learning outcomes (What artifacts represent deep and meaningful understanding?)

    • your classroom environment (How does your classroom environment look/feel each day?)

    • other potential guiding questions

      • How do technology tools enhance learning in your class?

      • How do you integrating real-world experiences in the classroom?

      • How do you assess for understanding?

  • The educator and/or team of educators maintain autonomy for the final product/idea/logistics to convey the academic focus to CISD Stakeholders that will be visiting the learning environment.

  • iTeam & ICs are ready and eager to assist you with ideas and help you prepare for the showcase on a needed basis

Do you sponsor a club or organization? Check this out!

Tuesday, February 2

Schedule Learning Walks

Updates from iLead 1/26:

Learning Walk Expectations

  • Engage in Learning Walks twice per six weeks.

    • Can be done during TEAM Time

    • Preferred on Thursday PL day

  • Group Reflection following Learning walks

    • Opportunity to share “Saws, Likes, and Will use/shares”

  • iLead Temperature Checks

    • Each iLead session we will share out “shout outs” and “uh ohs," so please be thinking about what you might like shared via Sam

Think About:

  • How can we use our transfer goals to help us develop understanding during the Learning Walk process?

Shadow Days

Don't forget that 8th Grade Shadow Days begin today! Next year's freshmen from all three middle schools will be out and about today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Be sure to attend the welcome tunnel if you received a calendar invitation from Diane Neel.

Wednesday, February 3

Unit 4 UbD Writing Continues

...and we will begin to think about and discuss Unit 5 UbD.

CHS Arena Tour

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 4-4:45pm

185 West Parkway Boulevard

Coppell, TX

The arena will be open to staff interested in getting a sneak peek on Wednesday, February 3, 4:00- 4:45 pm. If you plan to attend, please meet Mr. Jasso (or other assigned administrator) at the north parking lot doors.

Thursday, February 4

Learning Walks

Done during team time. We will reflect next Thursday!
*Optional* Learning Walk Form

This can be used to guide your reflection during/after each the learning walk.

Friday, February 5

Hot Coffee/Chocolate Bar

7:45am in the main hallway

CHETA Jeans Week Next Week!

Hello, CHS Staff!

CHETA (Coppell High for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been hard at work making a difference in the lives of needy companion animals and to reduce the amount of suffering to the animals we raise for consumption. They have successfully collected hundreds of towels and blankets for three local animal shelters, and have revamped their Meatless Monday campaign as well as worked with Chef Helen to help with ideas for plant-based options in the Cowboy Cafe.

This small, compassionate group of young leaders would like to continue their efforts with a pet adoption event this spring, as well as having the funds to continue vegan pot-lucks after school for the students of CHS, and humanely-prepared faculty breakfast bars and “brown-bag” lunches.

Please consider donating $5 to their cause. In return, they would like to offer you a JEANS WEEK February 8th-12th just in time for Valentine’s weekend! Simply bring your donation to B224 anytime on or before February 8th.

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QR Codes

Why use QR Codes in your classroom?

Student engagement may only be one reason to use this technology.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code or Quick Response Code is 2D barcode that is made up of a large square with smaller squares inside. Originally developed by Toyota to help with parts inventory the data stored in these codes can contain many different types of information.

What do I need?

The process of using a code is really simple. First you will need to download a QR Code reader. Both Android and iOS stores have plenty of options available. Search for “QR Code reader” in the app store. I’ve had the best luck with the i-nigma app with consistent positive results. Once you have downloaded a QR Code reader, scan the code in the center of this section.

QR Code Resources:

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