Jacob's Rescue

A holocaust story

Main characters

The main characters are Jacob Gutgel,David Gutgel,and Mela Roslan. Jacob being born rich but losing his mother at a young age.Jacob loves his brother Sholom and David.Jacob see's Alex Roslan as a father figure.David Gutgel is Jacobs brother and is the youngest in the family. Mela Roslan is the mother figure for David and Jacob and her main duty at home was to hide David and Jacob.


This book took place during one of the darkest times in history,the holocaust.During the holocaust the Nazis were rounding up all of the Jewish population and either executed them on sight or shipped them to concentration camps to perform forced labor.Some Jews had an advantage over others,they had blonde hair and blue eyes,because of this they could almost pass of as Aryan.They either used this advantage to escape the Nazi oppressors or they aided fellow Jews any way they could.For others many families or individual people took Jews into their home to save them.

The Righteous Among Nations Award earned by the Rosans

The Rosans have done many things to help David and Jacob.Alex had made remarkable hiding places for Jacob such as cutting out boards underneath the sink in his old apartment or cutting out a space in the couch for him.When Jacob had contracted scarlet fever Alex sold his apartment to bribe the nurse to operate on him.Alex went so far as to help his family escape Warsaw and move to the village Mela's brother Vladek was staying at until the soviet army drove the Germans out of Poland.


"They're killing all the Jews." "no,not all." Alex said softly. "we still have one"-Alex Rosan

This is one the most moving quotes that I found.It shows that Alex still has hope in Keeping Jacob alive and safe which he succeeded in.At the beginning Alex had made a promise to Jacob that he protect him and this quote shows how he intended on keeping it and carrying out on it.


I think this was a very well written bookand perfectly captures the event throughout the book.It is important to learn about the holocaust and what happened during that period.

It displays how a regigous group was almost wiped out with no good reason