Tech Tip Tuesday

April 21, 2015

In This Issue: Formative, Google Add-Ons, Editing Photos, a Twitter Giveaway, and T3 Sign UP!

Formative - My FAVORITE Formative Assessment Tool!!!!

Formative is a new tech tool (to me) with a lot of neat features. If you have ever seen or used Nearpod in your classroom, Formative would be similar, but better in my opinion. This tool is a student response system that works on any internet connected device. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Use Formative to go paperless. Create assignments, questions, or upload PDF files of already created assignments. With the PDF assignments, teachers can select areas of the PDF that students can respond in, show their work in, or have a video tutorial from YouTube embedded in. This is an AMAZING feature if you want to flip some of your assignments.
  • Check in on your students' progress in real time. Whether you are asking questions or having your students solve problems on their device, Formative allows the teacher to see every step of the students' progress. This allows teachers to point students in the right direction as they are working without looking over everyone's shoulder.
  • Real-time scores can be given to students. This is beneficial for the teacher as they can grade student submissions at any time (grading is just a click of a button by the way).

Teachers can have students sign up (this will allow all of the work to be saved on their account) or students can use Formative without logging in.

Using Formative: Teacher View
Formative - Flipping a PDF File

Twenty Ways to Use Twitter in Your Classroom

I know I have gone on a Twitter rant lately, but the more I use it, research it, and connect with others, the more I value it in education. Whether you are using it to create a PLN (Professional Learning Network), or communicating with your students, it can have a lot of value. Here is a picture I came across that gives 20 ways to use Twitter in the classroom.
Big image

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Photo Editing

After many of us take a photo, we feel the need to jazz it up a bit with photo editing tools. While this can be a precise art, most of the population does not know the science or terminology behind this. Check out this webpage by Polarr and have firsthand experience with editing photos. This informative site will tell you what exposure, saturation, or contrast is and will let you play with the settings.

Google Add-Ons

Google has recently made a lot of changes to its scripts and changed them into Add-ons. For you, this means that you do not have to know how to write code in order to use Google to its fullest. Google Add-ons are free programs that allow users to make their workflow much easier. One way teachers may use this is if they have a Google spreadsheet full of parents and their email addresses. Instead of emailing each one individually, a Google Add-on can help you email the parents of your whole class with a few clicks. You will still have to customize student comments, but this takes a lot of the repeated processes to a minimal, saving you time. Check out some of the video tutorials below.

* Yet Another Mail Merge Add-On - Watch the video here. This can help you send out emails to all of your students' emails really quickly. The video does not display this, but you would want to add a "comments" column with comments that you wanted parents to receive. You can add as many other columns as you wish.

*Create secure access to Google Forms and receive notifications when a form is submitted - Watch the video here. With a few tweaks to a Google Form, this Add-on could be used to send student referrals to administration, maintenance requests, or parent questions.

*CheckItOut Add-On - Watch the video here. This Add-on can help teachers with check in and check out systems. Whether it's books, iPads, devices, headphones, or calculators. *If it seems like this is not updating as students make changes, just refresh the internet browser.

* Here is a website listing 15 of the best Google Add-Ons for Education.

Tech Table Talk Sign Up

The last T3 meeting for the year will be on May 5th from 4pm-5pm. It will be held at the HISD in the board room. We will be discussing augmented reality using the Aurasma app and a few new formative assessment tools. Click here to sign up!