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Baseball is a competitive athletic game, for skilled player that use a hard ball, a bat, and a glove to play the game. There are two opposing nine player teams, widely regarded as the American national sport. According to Ryan Braun, “baseball is the best sport known to mankind”(3). Among the earliest games to be played professionally in the U.S., baseball is the most popular sport. Baseball daily attracts crowds of fans to parks and stadiums where games are played. It is also followed by millions more over radio and television, and is reported in almost every newspaper in the country. Prince Fielder thinks, the Detroit Tigers have a pretty good chance at winning the 2012 World Series (MLBNetwork212). By no means, however, is the game limited to a spectator sport category.

The Basic Rules

The game is divided into 9 periods which are called innings. Each inning is divided into two halves which are called the bottom and the top it depends on who the home team is. For each inning one team bats while the other team plays the field. They switch as soon as the team playing the field gets three outs. Outs are when the team playing the field either catches the ball while it is in the air. Or the team playing the field can throw the ball to first base because it is a force out. All of the other bases you have to tag the runner unless the runner has to go because there is another runner behind him. Each team has to have nine players playing the field because there are nine positions to fill. There is the pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, short stop, third baseman, left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. Whoever has scored the most runs by the time the nine innings are over wins the game.

The Playing Field

Baseball is played on a very level field, about 2 acres in size; it is divided into the infield and the outfield. The infield has three bases that are 90 feet apart. In order to score a run the base runner needs to make it around all three bases and touch home plate. Home plate is where the batter stands they can stand on either side of the plate it depends on if they are right or left handed. The catcher also sits behind home plate and catches the baseball when the pitcher pitches it to him. According to Bowie Kuhn, Roger Clemens was a 7 time CY young award winner (Kuhn 16). In order to get a hit the batter has to hit the ball in fair territory. You can tell because there are foul lines that lead from home plate in the outfield and to the fence. If you hit it over the fence it is a homerun when you do that all of the runners on base get to score.


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