Animal Adaptations Project

Use the resources to explore animal adaptations and habitats


Use this website to explore camouflage in different habitats.

Classifying Adaptations Game

Here is a game that will give you several animals with adaptations. You must identify what the purpose of the adaptation is.

Animal Adaptations Study Jam

Here is the Study Jam video on animal adaptations.

10 Animal Adaptation Examples

This website was created by Animal Planet to show 10 examples of animal adaptations. Each example is described in detail.

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations

This website defines structural and behavioral adaptations and gives some examples. There is also a quick quiz that will help you test your knowledge!

Our Wild Neighbors

Here is a website that has information about 5 different animals and their adaptations. Click on the rabbit in the lower right hand corner to access adaptations.

Create Your Own Habitat

This is a fun game where you create different habitats based on different animals. The goal is to create the best possible habitat for each animal to insure they will survive!

Create Your Own Animal

This is a fun game where you create your own animal. You can combine different animals to invent a new animal that will have characteristics from several animals!

Habitats of the World

This website gives you an in-depth look at the different habitats in the world!