Hardware and Software!

By Asha Renshaw :)

iPhone - What Hardware & Software does it contain?

The iPhone is made up of many different hardware and software devices! Such as: ( Software ) on/in an iPhone there is, which is Software, IOS, many varieties of apps, ( Hardware ) the Apple product it's self!


  • Home button - sends a message to the phone telling it to go onto the home screen.( Located on the screen of iPhone )
  • Ringer button - sends a message to the phone telling it to make sound effects or not when notifications or calls appear. ( Located above volume buttons on the left-hand side of iPhone )
  • Volume buttons - sends a message to the phone telling it to increase or decrease the volume. ( Located on left-hand side of iPhone )
  • Off button - Turns off the iPhone. ( Located on top right corner of iPhone )


  • iPhone charger - let's you charge your iPhone. ( Charger hole located at the bottom of the iPhone )
  • iPhone head-phone plug - let's you listen to music with out it playing out loud. ( Plug located at the top or bottom of the iPhone depending on which iPhone you have/know )
  • Speakers - let's you hear what you are watching/listening to. ( Located oh the bottom of the iPhone )
  • Touch-screen - let's you touch your screen to change something, to get on to something, to type something or to basically use the iPhone. ( Located on the front of the iPhone )
  • Lights/torches - let's you just click a button then you can see something better, especially if its dark. ( Located in an app called Torch or by swiping up the screen and clicking on the torch )