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Energy Flow:

An ecosystem is all of the nonliving things, in an environment and the ways that they Interact. All, living things in an ecosystem, need water, food, temperature, and space, to grow. Animals get energy, by eating other plants or other animals. They are called called- consumers.

Decomposers Link:

If decomposers were not in ecosystems, then, the ecosystems' plants would not get essential nutrients, and the dead matters and wastes would pile-up. Many types of decomposers are microscopic, meaning, that they can not be sighted, without a microscope. Unpleasantly, decomposers complete this, natural world's work, they are responsible for eliminating dead and dying-organisms, and in this process, they also, release nutrients, into soils. Decomposers reduce dead creatures, plants, and feces, into chemicals, such-as- nitrogen and carbon.


In a food chain, living things transfer energy, by eating and being eaten. A food web is a system of overlapping food chains. All, living things are connected, and depend on each other, in order to survive.