Progressive President Ted Roosevelt

By Sam Hopper

About Theodore Roosevelt (A)

Theodore Roosevelt (TR) "Teddy Roosevelt" was an American Statesman, naturalist, author, explore, and reformer who served 26th President of the United States of America from 1901 to 1909. He was born in October 27th, 1858 in Manhattan, New York. He successfully outcame his health problems by living a strenuous lifestyle. He was a soldier for WWI. He wrote a book called "Noval War of 1812" 1882 and became both a learned historian and a popular writer. He was into nature outdoors like hunting. He was proceeded by William Mckinly. Teddy succeeded at Charles W. Fairbanks. Also Teddy was 25th Vice President of the United States. In office Teddy was 33rd Governor of New York from January 1st, 1889 to December 30th, 1900.Teddy has three "C's" for the Square Deal.Organized Labor, Passed Elkin's Act, Passed law on foods and drugs use law are three of Square Deal.Then last, Teddy Roosevelt died on January 6th, 1919 in Coveneck, New York.

Gradings on Teddy Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt is universally recognized as a leader. TR defined numerous aspects of leadership that we now take for granted in the presidency as well as in private life. His inspirational vision was certainly one element. Another was his remarkable ability to communicate his vision, not only through his well-crafted words, but even more through his indelible example. TR’s well-publicized, courageous exploits in Cuba in the brief but deadly Spanish-American War of 1898—the fateful days he viewed as the linchpin of his life—are perhaps the most apt symbol of his leadership. This I would think I'd give out A for the grade of leadership.

Teddy is good president, leader, author and such; but hes good with organization. To being good at anything like he is, he stays on all that. He was 26th President of United States, which he had to take care of his country. He was a soldier, he took duties. He was explore, finding whats new with the world. Also Ted was a writer, writing stories for the world to see and know whats up. He hunts, takes care of himself and his family. These are good reasons why I give him an A for organization.


Teddy was a pro. President Roosevelt agreed and emphasized the need to upgrade diplomatic performance. The domestic sprit "progressivism" andd an emphasis on good government fueled the demand for change in Diplomatic/Consular Services. Roosevelt established competitive entrance examinations and the merit promotion system for all diplomatic and consular positions except those of minister and ambassador. President Roosevelt was 26th president of US and