Identity Theft

By: Nikki Jacobson & Cole Miller

What Is Identity Theft?

The term identity theft defines as; "The crime of setting up and using bank accounts and credit facilities fraudulently in another person's name without his or her knowledge." An identity thief can use many different ways to steal an identity, anywhere from stealing a social security card to using another persons credit card. Identity theft is a real crime that happens on a daily basis in America.
ID Theft - What is It. How to Protect.


The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) estimates that anywhere around 9 million people in America are robbed of there identity every year. Although 9 million people is still a lot, the rates of identity theft is decreasing. Identity theft has decreased 3 million people since 2009. The ages 20-29 have the highest ratings of identity theft. Also the most common type of identity theft is that of medical, insurance, and investments and other things along that line

How Do You Protect Yourself?

There are many ways you can try and protect yourself from identity theft. Some great ways to protect yourself is only use sites online you know you can trust, keep logins and passwords clear on any website, don't carry around your social security card and just memorize it and never tell anyone. They are many different ways someone can get your identity, but luckily there are many programs that can help you fight to save your own identity.
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