My Fable Story

By Hayden Porter

The winter of Bob and John

Once upon a time there was a bear and a bigger bear the bears name was john and the bigger bear was named bob. John was going into the woods to find food for the winter and bob was joking around and eating john’s food and bob said “why are you gathering food for winter when winter is tree weeks away.” “Because I want to sleep without starving,” then they both went on with their business the next day John came out bright and early to go gather more food for winter then bob came out and john said, “when are you going to get food for winter I’ve heard it’s going to be a blizzard.” “why do you always have to tell me what to do I’m fine.” Said Bob Then again they went on to their business.

In the next three weeks john was nice and cozy in his cave where Bob was trying to gather food for winter. A little bit later Bob knocked on John’s door no one answered. John was sleeping in his house and Bob slept at his front door. Next spring John woke up and went outside for a breath of fresh air and John tripped over bob. Bob was frozen cold and starving John said, “What did I say Bob.” Bob didn’t want to answer. Then a month later Bob was already storing food for winter and didn’t stop for anything else not to play not to eat not even to goof off.

Moral: don't Procrastinate