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Welcome to Our Free and Online Event

Conference co-chairs Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray would like to welcome you to the fourth annual Global Education Conference. This event takes place virtually during the week of November 18 - 23. Focused on global collaboration, connecting classrooms, and improving access to education for all, we believe in the power of connected educators and this conference is the manifestation of this belief. It is truly inspiring to see so many dedicated students, educators, and organizations come together to create this unique professional development experience.

Here are some tips for making the most of your conference experience during International Education Week and beyond.

Our other conference flyers include:

General Conference Information

Getting Started with GlobalEdCon

Tip #1 : Fill Out Your Profile

If you join our community, you have a personal page on our web site that is visible to the public. You can find it by logging into the web site and clicking on MY PAGE in the green navigation bar.

Consider filling out your profile so that other community members can learn more about your work. A well developed profile will facilitate professional networking opportunities.

Tip #2: Volunteer and Support Presenters

We're still looking for people to moderator sessions. This is an opportunity to see how the conference works up close and personal, and you may make new friends and potential project partners if you hang out long enough in our virtual conference lounge! We have training materials, so do not let the technology intimidate you. :)

Tip #3: Use Twitter as the Conference Backchannel

Join Twitter and follow us at @GlobalEdCon. You can also follow the cross session conversations by searching in Twitter for the hashtag #globaled13.

Here are some other twitter lists that will help you find people and organizations related to global education. These lists will be updated periodically.

Tip #4: Blog About the Conference

Document what you've learned and ideas that you want to remember in your own personal blog or in the conference community blog. We'd love to hear about your global and conference experiences, and this is a great way to interact with other community members. Remember to tag posts with the hashtag #globaled13!

*This is required if you are going to request a certificate of attendance.

Tip #5: Browse Our Discussion Forum

There is a great deal of content and resources buried in our web site! The discussion forum is a good place to start finding resources, projects, calls for participation and other postings by GEC members.

Feel free to promote your event, resource, or project in this space. Conference Co-Chair Lucy Gray will send useful posts out over social media channels in order to publicize projects, etc.

Tip #6: Explore Our Social Media Channels

Check out this social media aggregation from Chris Smith (aka @shamblesguru)


Also, Tagboard makes things easy to see our conference posts: https://www.tagboard.com/globaled13

Tip #7: View Videos and Photos Posted by Members

Our community members have contributed a great deal of multimedia to this site. Take a look at these photos and videos. Featured videos include presentations made elsewhere by our selected keynotes.

Tip #8: Join an Affinity Group

There are many networking subgroups to the Global Education Conference Community Network. Feel free to create your own group based on a related interest or join an existing one. Popular ones include:

Global Awareness Curriculum

GEC Twitter Users

21st Century and the Core Subjects

Skype and iChat

Global Classroom

Primary Teachers Collaborating

Higher Education

Tip #9: Visit the Sites of our Core Sponsors

We are deeply grateful for the ongoing and extensive support from iEARN and the Global Campaign for Education - US Chapter. They are outstanding organizations promoting global education and competency, and we encourage you to visit their sites and learn more about their work.

The full list of conference partners and sponsors is available here, and this page serves as a great directory of all things related to the conference. Thank you to all of our supporters and friends!

Tip #10: Spread the Word

Here are some publicity resources that you can use. Help us grow and reach even more educators globally!