Barack Hussein Obama II

Democratic Party

Birthday: August 4, 1961

From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Education: Occidental College (Freshman and Sophomore) Columbia University (remainder of bachelor's) Harvard Law

Religion: Christian

Before entering the political realm President Obama was a Community Organizer in a poor community in Chicago. He helped to improve conditions within housing projects as well as setting up a job training program.

Chicago Senator: 1997-2004

US Senator: 2004-2008

Obama ran his first political campaign in 1996, following Alice Palmer running for Congress. After 2002, Democrats gained control over the Senate and Obama helped pass over 300 bills.


Fun Facts!

Gym rat

Scrabble Player

Jay-Z fan

Chicago White Sox fan

Lucky Number: 23

Campaign Slogans

"Yes we can!"

"Change we can believe in"