Boarder life.

This is how I learned to skate.

It was a hot summer day, the ninetieth of June and the year 2014, or 2013. I woke up feeling like king of the world because that day, was my birthday. The line “Good Morning, Happy Birthday” was flying through the air like birds chirping in the morning breeze.

Thank you! I replied to everyone in my house hold. Here you go my mother said to me. My eyes opened as wide as could be, my first board I thought. Thanks mum I said with the fire of excitement in my eyes.

After receiving my board my mum also received a hug. I’m not sure but I know that my mum was happy that I actually liked it because of the fact that I have been asking for one since I was like about twelve or thirteen. I could tell from the smile on her face that she had faith in me to become a “skater”.

Directly after I got my board, I hopped in the shower rushing to ride my board, or any board for the first time. After I was done, I meet the door face to face, opening it, a burst of hot and dry also meet me like a friend with bad breath. I worked my way through the sweltering heat. About six minutes later I finally made it to the greenway where I start my skate session.

Like a baby learning how to walk and getting to the standing faze. I could barely stand up on my board, falling forward and backwards, as the people passed by. As the days progressed I learned to keep my balance so now and I even learned to push and build up speed. It’s the year 2015 and now skating is second nature. All I really need to know is how to do tricks. Now skating is second nature. Learning to skate made me stand out from others even more, from the fact that I have freckles.

Now I can actually say, I’m a skater.