Tuesday - Module 9

Featured Topic: 10 Things To Do Before Making A Recording

Module 9: How Is A Recording Made? *Due Sunday, April 10
1) ASSIGNMENT: Module 9.3: Choosing A Studio
2) ASSIGNMENT: Module 9.6: The Equipment List/ Studio Layout

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10 Things To Do Before Making A Recording

When you record in a professional recording studio as opposed to recording at your home it is VERY DIFFERENT! The main difference is TIME=MONEY. If you are not prepared and do not have a game plan then you will waste a lot of money, and you will have a frustrated recording engineer.

#1) Have a Goal set for the Session. Are you recording 1 song or multiple songs, and what are you using this recording for? How many tracks will you be using? Have a Plan don't waste time. TIME=MONEY!

#2) Finish writing your song/song(s) BEFORE you go into the studio. Again you don't want to take up extra time. TIME=MONEY!

#3) Make sure all of your equipment is working. Or if you are using studio equipment/instruments make sure they have what you need. TIME=MONEY!

#4) Have a 3 backups of you files, particularly if you are using samples. One you bring, one on a zip drive, and one stored on the internet for easy access in case the other 2 fail. TIME=MONEY!

#5) Do not assume the studio has all the same stuff you have at home. For example plug-ins, check ahead of time, and make sure of compatibility. TIME=MONEY!

#6) Check out the area for food establishments. If this studio is in the middle of nowhere pack you lunch and dinner, because it will be a long day!

#7) Rehearse your songs. Make sure you have all of those awesome licks down, if you don't again you waste time. TIME=MONEY!

#8) Do a thorough check on this studio. Where is the Location? What does it Cost? What DAW System and Mics are they using? Is there other Available Equipment for your use? What are the conditions of Payment? Does this company okay with the BBB? Have there been other successful artists have recorded there and what is their reputation?

#9) Split Up Your Days. Even professionals who have been in the business for years do not mix/arrange and record on the same day. You will be tired and will ultimately make poor decisions. Rest and clear minds make for better creations!

#10) Create an Excellent Recording! That can be achieved when you put together a well-thought-out researched plan and execute it well!

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