The NEW Foldable Tray!

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Check out the Foldable, Durable, Portable Tray!

Tried of making a messy in your bed, chair, or car? Then check out the lastest gadget~The Foldable, Durable, and Portable Tray. This easy to use product will help you enjoy your snacks on the go without having to make a fuss of the mess you make with the crumbs. All you need to do is store in by your chair, in your car, or purse. Pull it out unfold it, strape it across you lap or arm of you chiar, and have your snake. No more complaining from your mom or dad that you left crumbs everywhere! No more trash to keep up with when you use napkins or plates! Just clean if off when you are finished, foldable back up, and you are done! This lastest gadget is a must have in all homes.

ON SALE NOW! Easy to use, fast and convient, hassle free~Foldable Tray

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