5 Apps. for the K-12 Classroom

1. Dictionary

This is a top rated FREE app that allows gives its users the ability to search words for definition and reference. It also automatically hooks in to a thesaurus providing synonyms and antonyms as well. This app can also be used offline and does not require internet. It also can be downloaded iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows.

This creative app can be used in the classroom many different ways. It could be looking up definitions for a vocabulary lesson, or finding synonyms and antonyms for essay writing. One feature of the app is the "Quiz a Day" which provides users with a mini-quiz to sharpen up their vocabulary skills.

Here is a link to the website that can be used for download:


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This FREE app is an excellent way of taking notes and keeping them in an organized manner. You can type and swipe like writing on real paper. The app. allows users to copy, email, Tweet, print, message, zoom in and out, and move notes into Dropbox. This functional app can be used on an iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.

In the classroom this app could have many different functional uses. If you have a student who requires Assistive Technology for Learning, and is developmentally slow in their writing, but has the ability to type, this is a quick way for students to keep up with in-class notes. This also can be great for students who are disorganized. Through the category feature, all of the notes taken in class are kept in an orderly fashioned manner and are easily accessible for future use.

Here is a link for download (Apple devices):


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3. Dropbox

The Dropbox app is a FREE and easy way of storing photos, documents and videos in a shared space. You can access any file that you save in your Dropbox from your computer, iPhone, iPad or the web. There is a favorites tab which allows you to keep your favorite documents, photos or videos in one convenient place for quick retrieval.

The Dropbox app can be used for teachers to store their lesson plans, photos and learning videos. It also can be used for secondary level students who need to hand in or email documents to the teacher by a deadline. In a high school class, students can provide the teacher with a finished assignment that can be opened in the teachers personal Dropbox app for a safe storage making it easily accessible for grading.

Below, I have provided a Digital Story of the Dropbox app that I found on their website.


Here is a link to download the Dropbox application:


4. QR Code Reader & Scanner

This app is a FREE code scanner and generator that can be used to store important URL's and other information on your mobile device. It works best by downloading the app an creating tasks or websites that show video evidence, important information and photos in a link. QR codes can be printed, scanned, SMS messaged and also emailed.

In the classroom, QR codes can be very effective. Teachers could create a self guided learning environment by creating codes to outline warm up activities in a PE class or even to follow certain steps in a learning scavenger hunt. Students can also be accountable for creating their own QR codes and sharing them with other students for self guided group work.

Below is a link for downloading QR Code Reader & Scanner for Apple devices:


Below I have provided a video on how to use and create QR codes:


[QR Code] How To Use QR Codes

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is a FREE study tool app that can be used at any age and in any classroom. They provide tools for creating flashcards, matching games, multiple choice tests and worksheets. This helps with concept recall and memorization. It can be used in any subject from vocabulary in English Language Arts to Math. Quizlet is now on the go! It can be downloaded by any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

This can be used very effectively in not only the classroom but also on the go and at home. In a grade 9 class to study for Provincial Exams, students could take information from their notes in English class and make them into flashcards that help their memorization and test their learned knowledge.

Below is a link for downloading in iTunes:


Below is a link for downloading for Android:


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