The Incredible Incas

They're back and ruling their land once again

The Inca's territory

The Incas had lived and ruled large pieces of South America. Their empire had extended over 2,500 miles over the western coast and mountains of South America. They had taken over many areas by military force but they had often gained their territory by creating alliances or the threat of force. In their land they built a network of roads. Before the Europeans came, the Incas had the largest empire anywhere in America. The Incas land was also the richest of them all. During the 1400s and the 1500s, their empire just grew and grew. Their land covered almost 800,000 square kilometers and had more than 10 million people!!! Thats alot isn't it? Did you know that the empire was cut into four provinces, each with its own territorial government?

The Incas