Unbroken By: Laura Hillenbrand

Project by Alex Eichner

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¨There needs to be better search teams around the world. With all the technology we have now we should be able to find anything instantly. The reason my plane crashed at sea was because i was searching for other lost planes. They need to find a better, more safe way to find people at sea.¨

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"Why couldn't we have this in my day? I had to fly The Superman, the worst plane out there. Probably wouldn't have to search for that missing plane if my crew had the F16 i wouldn't have been stranded at sea for 47 days....¨



¨I held this record for a long time, glad too see that people are working as hard as i was to break these records. Can not wait to see how fast people can run these things in the future.¨

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"No deserves to go threw Prisoner of War camps. The are the equivalent to hell. I was in one for 2 years, getting picked on by the bird everyday. Not a good time.¨

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¨He broke my record of 47 days by a landslide, but thats not the type of record to be proud of breaking. Its a nice story to tell your kids or grand kids one day. ¨ Yeah, i was at sea for 133 days no big deal¨¨