By: Rylie Henderson

Facts Aout Iceland

My dream vacation is to visit Iceland; it is located south eastern of Greenland and north of Europe. Iceland is beautiful and it is has different types of weather like, cold and wet, sunny and warm, very green areas and there are many waterfalls. Iceland's nickname is "Land of Fire and Ice." The capital is Reykjavik which means "Smokey Bay." They speak Icelandic and English. Their religion is mostly Christians. The most popular animals are Puffin birds, Icelandic horses and sheep.
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I'm traveling by plane to get to Reykjavik, Iceland. It will take 14 hours and 14 minutes (about). It is 3,938 miles away. I will be taking 4 other people: Mackenzie, Danae, Carson, and Brayden Wilder. We will stay through June 2, 2015-June 8th, 2015.


We will be staying in Loft Hostel in the capital of Iceland: Reykjavik. The Loft Hostel is located in the middle of it's main shopping center within five minutes of walking distance. The City Pond, Harpa Concert Hall, and Hallgrimskirkja are all near the Loft Hostel. There is free wifi, Common Room, Game Room, TV room and a porch. There are many sports like swimming, dance, and horse riding, etc. We will need to pack clothes, toiletries, money, electronics, and basic day-to-day necessities.


It will cost $68.45 for our hotel room because it has 6 beds. We probably will have to bring $3,000 or more for spending money. They have many cafes in the Loft Hostel, so there will be many places to eat. Eating will cost about $75 for breakfast and lunch and about $150 for dinner. On our trip we will walk everywhere because everything is in close distance from the hotel so we won't need to rent a car or purchase gas. Airfare will cost $1,032 both ways. For everything it will cost $6,242.70.


We will be doing all sorts of activities like Arbaejarlaug: 145kr per person, Walking Tours: $27 per person, National Museum which is free, The Pearl: $41. Iceland provides many activities like Museums, Music Hall, Tours, and Sight seeing. I think the most exciting activity will be The Pearl because it has the highest ratings.