By: Carter Sazlman

The First Day

The first day you spawn in your mine craft world what you first have to focus on is shelter. You need shelter to be safe and hide from the dangers of the night later in the game. If you want a stone house, first you will need to gather wood. Then craft it into a pickax. Next, you will find an open flat wall of stone. Begin mining a home. Then when you think it's big enough then make a spot to place the doors. Like I said maybe you want a wooden house. Well if that is true then find some trees mine them with your fist. Then make a crafting table and craft an ax. After that, go to find more trees. Mine them with your ax and get at least one stack of 64 wood. Then go back to your crafting table and craft some of the wood that you collected into wooden planks. Begin building your house in whatever shape or form you want. But I highly recommend a 13x13 square house with a roof and two doors. Once you've done that you're set for the night!

chapter 2 :mobs

Mobs are scary they can hurt you at night and some even in day! So you have to be very careful at all times. wondering what there abilities are and there names? well that's what i'm gonna tell ya there are 5 main mobs and there names are the Enderman, the zombie, the spider,the skeleton, and last but not least the creeper first up the enderman is a talented trickster. he can pick up blocks and zoom to different places to sneak up on you by teleporting. next up the zombie the zombie is slow but smart the will follow you for long differences in order to hurt to but its easy to kill them just get your hand or a sword. next up is the spider he is fast and tricky why you need a roof is to keep the spiders from climbing into your house at night they are also fast and can jump so if you want to kill one i would recomend using a bow and arrow.next up is the skeleton the skeleton is dangerous do not get too close to it or it will shoot you with its bow and arrow and if you want to kill it i would also recommend a bow and arrow. last up is the creeper the creeper is easy to kill but you have to be careful they will blow up if you get to close to them they are very skilled but they are easy to kill so if you want to kill a creeper than I recomend a trap, a sword, or a bow and arrow.
Minecraft Trailer
Siege on Castle Steve - Minecraft video by J!NX


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