Let's use the SUN!!!!!!!!!

Maria Balderas

This is the SUN in the early morning (7:25)

Here Is A Pamphlete For Those Who Did Good On My Questionnaire

Here Is A Pamphlet For Those Who Didn't Do Very Good On My Questionnaire

My Solar Energy Responses

This Is A Solar Panel As Well.

This Is Off A Calculator.

The three main types of Solar Collector Panel For Hot Water Systems

  • Glazed Solar Flat Plate Collector-Well this is a weather resistant shallow box that houses a plate run of copper piping under a transparent cover.
  • Evacuated Tube Solar Collector-The Evacuated Tube Solar Collector are more typical in commercial situations, but have been used domestically. A copper tube, often with fins attached to maximize heat absorption, runs inside a vacuum tube which lowers radiated heat loss.
  • Integrated Solar Collector and Storage System-This is a collector that typically only seen in warmer climates where there is no freeze risk. This collector has an insulated tube inside a glazed box. Water is pumped from the storage tank which has a conventional heating element. through the collector which heats the water before it goes back to the tank.