FDNY Chief Evacuates North Tower

Read to find out how Richard Picciotto saved over 50 lives

Richard Picciotto is an FDNY battalion chief in battalion one one (11). Picciotto has been in the FDNY for 28 years and was at the first World Trade Center (WTC) bombing in 1993. Picciotto has a normal family. His wife is a nurse at St. Lukes Hospital, his daughter is a senior at Pace University, and his son attends a private Catholic High School in New Jersey.

Picciotto was in the North Tower of the WTC when the South Tower collapsed. The rubble and debris of the South Tower hit the North Tower and caused Picciotto to get himself and anyone else in the tower out. Picciotto would go down all three stairwells on each floor and check all the offices. While Picciotto was on his way down he found an office full of rescue workers, disabled people, and people who were helping the disabled people. Picciotto thought to himself he had to get these people out so he moved the first responders out and down the stairs. After that he got the rescue workers to help the disabled people out and down the stairs. Pcciotto got all the rescue workers and disabled people out of the North Tower before it collapsed on him. Picciotto survived the collapse and is an honored hero to this day.

South Tower Falls, shot front of Trinity Church.