BY: Tyler Holcomb


An absolute phrase combines a noun and a participle with any accompanying modifiers or objects.


noun + participle + optional modifier(s) and/or object(s)

why it is importent to use?

because it gaves use details about the noun


  • Legs quivering

Legs = noun; quivering = participle.

  • Our fingers scraping the leftover frosting off the plate
Fingers = noun; scraping = participle; frosting = direct object; our, the, leftover, off the plates = modifiers

  • We scrambled along the shore, the waves splashing at our feet.
[noun waves + participle splashing]
  • His tail between his legs, the dog walked out the door.
[noun=dog + participle= walked]

  • Babe Ruth leads all major league baseball players in career slugging percentages, Ted Williams and Ty Cobb having been better hitters for average than for power.