Fitness Suite

Banbridge Academy

What is it and where is it?

The Fitness Suite can be found once you walk into the school canteen, just walk straight forward

and there you go!

The fitness suite is a great way for getting your 30 minutes of exercise due to the amount of fitness machines! Take a few minutes on each and there you go! 30 minutes done!

FitLinxx Machines & Their Features

Not so sure how to use these machines?

Once you enter the fitness suite, you will find a machine to your left called the Kiosk, this is where you will be entering your details!



  1. Enter your 4-5 digit code into the keypad.
  2. Hoping that you entered it correctly, a screen should show up with a lot of different options, the main one that you will be focusing on is Express Start, you may get a short message afterwards but that's all right.
  3. Head off to any machine that you want to use, enter the same code using the keypad and then press GO, it may ask you to confirm your height and weight, just continue on.


As you can see, it isn't really that hard, but if you're really stuck, you can always ask a P.E Teacher.