Brain Cancer

Ethan Barth

Treatment for Brain Cancer

Treatment for brain cancer depends on 4 factors,which is the type brain cancer, the location and the size of the tumor as well as the patient's age and health. Brain cancer can be BENIGN, MALIGNANT, AND METASTATIC. Some treatments are radiotherapy or surgery but surgery isn't always an option because of the location of the tumor.

Symptoms of Brain cancer


Changes in speech, vision, or hearing

Problems balancing or walking

Changes in mood, personality, or ability to concentrate

Memory loss

Muscles twitching or jerking/Seizures

Facts of brain cancer

  • An estimated 14,080 deaths are expected to occur in 2014 due to brain tumors, 7,930 males and 6,150 females.
  • About 43% of brain and CNS tumors occur in men and about 57% occur in women.
  • The most savere brain tumor for adults is meningioma, accounting for almost 35% of all brain tumors. Meningioma tumors grow from the tissues on the spinal cord.

Risks from brain cancer.

Brain tumors occur more frequently in white people.

Hair loss and memory loss.

Might have to undergo surgery to remove the tumor.

Most brain tumors are not known with any known risk factors and have no obvious cause. But there are a few factors that may raise the risk of brain tumors like radiation exposure.

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