The Most Beautiful wonderland

By Kristi-Ann

the three geographical area of the world biomes is africa ,aisa and india. the rainforest climate is hot moist biome where it rain all year long. 20 c to 25 c must remain warm and frost free. 2000 to 10000 milliliters of rain per year. (Blue Planet Biomes) Forest elephants are adapted to living in a dense forest. They could move faster easily. Tracking them is very difficult. A tropical rainforest has more kinds of trees than anywhere in the world. There's about 100 to 300 species in one 11/2 acre (1 hectare) in South America.there both from blue planet biomes.did you know the particular bamboo can grow anywhere between 40 feet and80 feet in height.temperate rainforest are found near the cooler coastal area further northor south of the equator.