Spanish society in the 19th century

Economy and industrialitation, Society, art and culture

Economy and industralisation

The Industrial Revolution was late and slow and only arrived in The Basque county, Catalonia and large cities.

Most population still worked in the fields, England or Germany use advanced machinery.

Modern forms of transport, like railway, didn´t appear until the second half of century.

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The bourgeosie became rich, became dominant social class. Upper class They lived in modern neightbourgs called ensanches. Industrial revolution grow social problem as workin conditions and child explotation.
Condiciones de vida y de trabajo de los obreros durante el siglo XIX


begining of century revolutionary atmosphere and faraway places.
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In the middle of he century disadvantaged aspects of industrial society.
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In the end of century technological advances
A history of 19th century Inventions

Generation of 98

Writers and intelectuals criticised the society
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Sientific advances

Several researchers sientific advances to Ramon y Cajal a nobel prize.
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the novel prize was win

Friday, May 25th 1906 at 9pm

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Community of Madrid