Keily Ann Soto Santana


Why do the people in Brazil speak Spanish?

The people in Brazil speak Spanish because of the Portuguese. The Portuguese came to Brazil and they spoke Portuguese. Portuguese was similar to Spanish, so the Brazilian people speak Spanish because of the Portuguese.


How was the land named?

The land was named by the Portuguese because they came and settled down and named the land.

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How many fruits are needed in Brazil and what do they eat?

In Brazil they grow oranges, bananas, wheat, soybeans, coffee, corn, cocoa, beef, pork, and rice. For the girls ages 14-18 they need 2 1/2 cups of food to eat.


When or how was Brazil discovered?

Brazil did not have a written history before Europeans arrived. Life changed drastically for many of these native inhabitants after explorer Pedro Alvarez Cabral arrived in 1500.