Marshmallow Tower

Come, build a tall tower out of marshmallow and toothpicks

The Fun begins

You can think about building a realistic tower that is built in our world, or you can imagine a tower of your own. On a piece of paper, you'll use lines and points to create your tower which is so much fun.

Getting to create your tall tower

Your materials are marshmallow and toothpicks of course, you get to eat some marshmallow if you think it's a good idea. You get to stick the marshmallow on the toothpick and stick it on to other marshmallow to create.

Seeing everyones tower and find out who's the winner!

Your teacher will measure how tall your marshmallow tower is, then you will get to see everyone else's marshmallow tower. Once you see all the towers, you can eat all of your leftover marshmallow or if you won you get a whole bag of marshmallow! Yum that will be good.


Use your imagination