Advocare 24 Day Challenge

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Stacey Beaulieu

Advocare Independent Distributor

Challenge Newsletter

I am creating this newsletter fro YOU and the people you are helping. AdvoCare has added many resources in the last year to help people with daily routine, cooking, planning, etc. and I want to highlight some of them, while having this form as a good starting point. Please send me feedback so I can improve it and better support our challengers!

1. The Virtual Coach (on the Advocare website)

2. Challenge-Friendly recipes (on the Advocare website)

3. The APP available for your phone

4. The 24 Day Challenge Video

5. Link to the Advocare Channel on youtube

6. Healthy Eating Habits video

APP for you phone!

Use the APP on your phone to set reminders (yes, an alarm!), enter your foods and exercises, find good food choices, contact your coach, but also to take assessments at the beginning and the end of your challenge. A great tool if you are always on the go!
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The 24-Day Challenge®
CU24™ in the Kitchen - Healthy Eating Tips

Advocare You Tube Channel

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