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November 13, 2015

The Rapture Center

Thank you to Jennifer Gibbs for helping to organize our visit from the Raptor Center. They did a wonderful job presenting different types of large bird: a screech owl, great horned owl, the red tailed hawk, a turkey vulture, a barn owl, and a golden eagle.

Mrs. Cobb, "What did you notice about the birds today?"

Bradley, "They showed us the eagles and one was really bigger."

Braylon D., "I noticed about how the birds can go slow or fast."

Braylon B, "I noticed that the golden eagle has big wings and it can go very fast!"

Ryan, "I learned the falcon's got big wings."

Noah, "I noticed that there was a brown owl that I did't know."

Lilly Grace, "The neck of the owls, they could turn far around. I learned that the vulture has a little bit of feather on his head so it doesn't get blood on him (when he eats dead animals).

Terrah, "Those eagles were BIG!"

Amy Kate, "I learned that the eagles can fly slow and fast."

Ava, "I noticed that the white owl can turn his head almost all the way around. He lives in a barn."

Maddie, "I learned about different kinds of eagles and birds. The big eagles can eat big animals. Some of them fly at night."

Aubry, "I learned that the golden eagles pick up stuff from the ground that is already dead."

Mariah, "I learned that a bald eagle is really big,"

Gunner, "I noticed that it was cool that the owl has 14 bones in his neck and we only have 7 and they can spin almost all the way around!"

Veterans Day

On Tuesday we had the privilege of welcoming Lilly Grace's great grandfather, Rich Giordano, to our class. He is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel who served our country for 32 years. He flew KC-10 and KC-135 air-refueling tankers. He taught us about his airplanes. The children presented him with a gift and card to thank him for his service to our country. The children also made cards for patients at the Montgomery V.A. hospital. We read several books about Veterans Day: Veterans Day (by Rebecca Rissman) and Veterans Day (by Jacqueline S. Cotton).
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Practicing Addition

Bird Feeders

Throughout our study, the children have taken a strong interest in the birds around our school. We read in one of our bird books that birds have a hard time finding food in the winter. Next Wednesday we will begin making bird feeders to help feed them. Our hope is to place the feeders outside our window to give us a chance to observe them throughout the winter months. Please check the sign up genius if you would like to donate peanut butter, bird seed, pine cones, string, or shepherd's hooks.

Friendship Stew

Next Friday we will be making a friendship stew and corn muffins. We will need the following items:

* 1 box beef broth

* 1 can cooked carrots

* 1 can green beans

* 1 can corn

* 1 can peas

* 1 cup cooked pasta (orzo, bow tie, etc, and please cook ahead)

* I box Jiffy corn muffin mix

* 1 bag oyster crackers

I will post a sign up genius if you would like to volunteer to bring an item.

Lanark Nature Center

Thank you to all of family members who were able to help chaperone the field trip to Lanark. We hope you learned as much as we did!

Little Patriot Pom Squad

A message from Mrs. Rice:

The Little Patriot Pom Squad will perform at the PRS vs Marbury game (Girls game) on December 3rd.

The game starts at 5 p.m. and we will perform at halftime (which will be around 5:25 p.m.), but please come at 5 p.m. so that all Little Patriots can sit together. Please have your little Patriot wear any color Patriot shirt and jeans.

If you have any questions, email Carrie Rice at carolyn.rice@pikeroadschools.org. GO PATRIOTS!!!

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