Wind Energy

Energy conservation

Renewable resources

A renewable resource is an energy source that never runs out. We are running out of non renewable energy resources. Renewable energy quickly replenishes. We should start using renewable energy sources because non-renewable energy can be harmful to the earth because pollution (green house gases) are trapping heat in the earth and causing climate change.

How wind energy works

Wind is air in motion. Wind is produced by the uneven heating of the earths surface by the sun. Wind power involves turning energy from the wind into other forms of useful energy. A wind turbine is an advanced more modern windmill. A wind turbine uses the blades to collect kinetic energy in the wind. The energy in the wind turns around the roter. The roter is connected to the main shaft which spins a generator to create electricity

Advantages of wind energy

Advantages of wind energy are wind energy is one of the oldest types of energy so it has gotten better and more advanced over the years,wind energy does not generate any pollution. Wind energy is a permanent energy source which means it will last as long as the sun which is about a billion years, during a storm when the power goes out the wind will still be there,wind energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world,fuel for a wind turbine is free,wind turbines can be placed anywhere you want unlike hydro where you have to place it near water,also hydro will freeze during the winter but wind energy will work year round.

Disadvantages of wind energy

Disadvantages of wind energy are wildlife can become endangered,mostly birds because they can fly into the blades. A main disadvantage of wind power is you cannot expect the same amount of wind all the time, wind turbines can be very noisy and disturbing to you and your neighbours, the majority of people don't like how wind turbines look,so neighbours may complain about your wind turbine,a wind turbine is very difficult to install,






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