The Hollywood Sign

Jessica Roby 2A

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Elements and Principles

The element of art I used in my artwork is color. I organized this to achieve the principle of design, unity. Unity is creating a harmonious feeling by repeating an element throughout a work of art. Unity is expressed because I used blue throughout my painting with white or black added to make its shades and tints.

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History and Culture

The Hollywood Sign is located in Los Angeles, California. It was built in 1923 as a real-estate advertisement for Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler, who had decided to invest in Hollywoodland, an upscale real-estate development. The sign is located in Los Angeles because it was an advertisement for a Los Angeles Times publisher. The sign has gone through destruction because of hardships in America's past, which is why it represents our history and our culture.

Art and Design

Harry Chandler was the original designer of this landmark, and although no one is quite sure how long it took to build, we know that at first the sign was very large and had many bright lightbulbs so that it would be eye-catching. 3 x 9 metal squares and a complicated frame of scaffolding, pipes, wires, and telephone poles were used to create the sign.

Personal Response

I was attracted to this landmark because it is a popular landmark that represents American entertainment. This landmark is relevant to our society because it is associated with things that are popular in America today, such as pop music and action movies. It should still be standing today because of its popularity and representation in American culture.