Nuclear Waste & Pollution

By David Franke

What is Nuclear Waste? What does it Do?

Nuclear waste is the byproduct of the production of nuclear energy, it poisons the land an its species for a very long time, Also, it causes cancer if the levels of radiation are too high. Nuclear energy is starting to become more popular and because of this, there is more pollution. Furthermore, the worst part is that if there is ever to be an incident such as a spill, the land will be completely ruined for thousands of years, and anyone who is not in a radiation suit will be exposed to radiation poisoning and die in the next few weeks.

Chernobyl 1986

On April 26, 1986, the biggest nuclear disaster in history occurred. A nuclear power plant in Ukraine malfunctioned, causing nuclear waste to spill out and cause serious radiation poisoning to thousands and killing thousands more, because of this, it would kill you to spend more than a few hours in the area due to the radiation. it will take hundreds of years for Chernobyl to be even remotely safe and even longer for it to be habitable again.

Solution 1

Waste disposal is the process of dumping high amounts of nuclear waste into a designated area in the ocean for a minimum of five years and then its moved to large concrete and steel structures where it will sit, forever. this is good because it is a safe method because no organisms are harmed, it is safe for humans, and doesn't take up a large amount of space. the bad side is that it is very costly, very difficult, and takes a long time to repeat the process

Solution 2

Waste dumping is the process of dumping small amounts of waste into a designated area, deserts, mountains etc. and burying it. this solution was banned by the U.S but is still in use for other countries. This Is good because it is a very cheap, doesn't take a lot of time, and is very easy to do multiple times. The bad side is that it kills all organisms near it, pollutes the population around it, and is very unpredictable.

Is it Justified?

I think Solution 1 is justified because it can dispose up to 20 times the waste as the dumping method, its very safe because it is enclosed in an organism free area, and unless the structure is intentionally harmed, it will not fail. This method also, can offer many good job opportunities, and can justify nuclear energy itself.