welcome to florida

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Did you know that the Florida nickname is the sunshine state.Because of its tropical climate and the annual average 230 with sunshine and the temperature is usual in the 60s 70s and 80s.And the largest state is Jacksonville it is 885 miles long (2,292km)!!! There is 842,583 people in Jacksonville.But there is 19.89 million in Florida all together.
The Florida state tree is the cabbage palmetto but it does not produce cabbage.And the state flower is the orange blossom a orange blossom is a wite flower that grows on orange trees so it grows by oranges.And the florida state bird is the northern mocking bird it can be black and wite or gray and wite. It is a bird that is not very big or very small.
Real State Song of Florida, "Old folks at home"
State Song of Florida
did you know when Florida was decided a state.it was made a state on march 3, 1845 the 27th state in the united states.Florida is next to Alabama and gorgia.florida has a temperature of 870 usually.and the state song is old folks at home.
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famose people in florida

There people that are famous that are in Florida like payton list on TV or roman reigns the one on WWE.And pittbull and Jason drulo.And the govnor is rick scott.And the us sentors are bill nelson and mareo rubio.And those are the famose people in florida
did you know that the capital of florida is tallhassy.And that floridas majar production is ornges and the atlantic ocean is right next to florida

places you should visit in florida

do you ever want to go to Florida there is alout of stuff to do you can go to Disney land the Disney amusement park and there are the famous people in Florida.