The American Dream: Social Groups

Baby Boom

After World War II ended all of the soldiers returned home and the population was on a rise, this was called the "Baby Boom." The birthrate was going up and up. One baby was born every seven seconds. In 1957 4,308,000 babies were born. The result of this growth rate was the largest generation in the nations history.

Woman Roles

During the 1950's woman became more popular throughout the world in magazines, movies, and TV programs. Even though woman were becoming more and more popular they weren't satisfied with what they were doing. A survey shows that more than one-fifth of suburban wives were dissatisfied with their lives. During the decade the number of woman that were working outside of their home was rising. By the year 1960 about 40 percent of mothers with children between ages 6 and 17 held paying jobs.
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