Partners: Kyle, Jose, Avery, Chuk, and Morgan

Proposed Use of Ute Indian Reservation Land

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Marker A: Base Camp/Office

We put the base camp in the center of everything. It is in the white area so the ground is flatter. All the roads lead to the base camp making it easier for people to get where they need to go!

Marker B: Hiking

We have 3 trails, green is the easiest trail with the shortest distance of 2.5 miles long. The yellow trail is medium and is no too short or not too long. The yellow trail is 3.75 miles long. The red trail is the hardest and longest trail. The red trail is 4.5 miles long. It also has the most elevation change of 750 ft. For the yellow trail the change is 250 ft. And for the green trail the change is 50 ft.

Marker C: Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking

For canoeing the four pick up points are at the end of hiking trail. Also there is a road to take them to a starting point. There is also a road to take them back. The canoeing is 7 miles long. There are several points you can start at.

Marker D: Zipline

Marker D is zip lining. Its is called Zip Zipling. Zip Zipling is 1.75 miles long.