Ms. Lindsay's Letter

May 27th

Hello Homeroom Students!

Hi everyone!

Remember to focus on your DAILY PLAN each day and work your expected attendance hours. K-2 4 hours a day 3-5 5 hours a day. With this daily work your year end totals will reach k-2 goal of 720 and 3-5 goal of 900.

About this Newsletter:

I will be working on sending out a Monthly newsletter this year. I will be updating it weekly on Fridays, but only sending you the reminder email once a month.

In this Newsletter, you will find updates on what is going on at the k12 International Academy, in my homeroom, what your current progress goals are, work samples due, and much more! You can feel free to book mark this site and check back to reference it and see the updates as well!

Please always keep in mind your term # and the school year you are in. It can get a little confusing as we have 14-15 students and 15-16 students going at the same time. The topics will be noted with the year (14-15 or 15-16) that the info pertains to.

Do you want to contact me? The best way to reach me is by Skype.

icademylvandellen. Kmail is good as well or a phone call! 703.261.4081

Enjoy each day as you learn!!!!


Ms. Lindsay

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International Academy News And Events Link for May 31-June 3


Stay in the Know:

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Lower School Community Event

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Important Upcoming Dates:

Check your Daily Plan for your conference time. ;)

May Coach to Coach- May 12

Spelling Bee- register by May 5th

Upcoming May Coach to Coach Chat

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End of the School Year

Are you in Term 1, 2 or 3?

If so, you are getting very close to the end of your term. Please take note of the checklist that you can use to complete the school year:

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Here is an End of Year Video as well....

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The OLS remains open throughout all weekends and holidays.

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Need help for certain questions.....

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Beginning the Year

Welcome Back to School! We are very excited to be beginning the 2015-16 School Year. There are many important things to keep in mind as you start.

  1. Everyone is required to attend One Policy and Procedure Meeting per year and one Getting Started in Lower School Session. (See dates and times below)
  2. All students 2nd grade and above take Scantron Assessment for Reading and Math. Refer to your kmail for login instructions.
  3. Follow the daily/weekly plan and complete all assignments that are listed to stay on track!
  4. Add me on Skype to keep in contact regularly and ask questions!

Recordings of these sessions:

***Must attend Policy and Procedure 1 time this year. Recording counts. ;)

Policy and Procedure:

Getting Started In LS/LS Orientation:

Note: Your term dates will be different than this recording. Please see above in the Newsletter for your term dates.

iKid Social for terms 3-5:

15-16 New Students - Reminders/Tips

~~Gettting Started in Lower School Orientations~~

If you do not get to come to the Orientation/ Info Session watching the recording will catch you up to speed on what we want to make sure you know as you begin your school year... expectations, goals, how we connect, navigating the OLS, attendance, etc....

Progress: These are %'s to guide you along the way with your progress. They are not perfect but a close guide for you to use. Goals are for Monday of the week listed. If you want to know exactly how many lessons you have completed in each course compared to how many are expected as of today, let me know. I can send it to you in kmail or Skype.

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**** 180 Day Students****

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Happy Pinning!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? If not, now might be the time to become one. We have our own k12 International Academy page with several Lower School Boards! (some pictured above) Come take a peek!

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Weekly Riddle:

Riddle of the week:

Q: What is the most musical bone?

A: A trom-bone

Journal Entry

Journal Entry:

May 15th is “National Chocolate Chip Day.” Think about all the ways that chocolate chips can be used. Create a new dessert that includes chocolate chips as an ingredient. Explain how to make your new and yummy treat!

Do you have a favorite series, author, or book that you think EVERYONE should read? Send it along and I will share with your classmates.

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Come here anytime you deserve a high five! Isn't he cute!!?? Also kmail me when you are proud of yourself! I would love to celebrate with you!

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Did you know you can........Connect With Us

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What do you think?

What do you think about the new format? Any suggestions you want to share? Please let me know! I would love to hear from you! :)