The Leader Reader

Vol. 5

The purpose of the newsletter is to keep everyone informed of the latest happenings with The Leader in Me. The Lighthouse Team hopes that the newsletter will serve as a place where everyone can collaborate, contribute ideas, and synergize. An updated newsletter will be sent out the 2nd Friday of every month, so send any ideas or contributions before then to K. Childers.

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October 31st

TLIM Implementation Day STIPD: NHES1413

*There will be no faculty meeting on Wed. this week in lieu of the 4:00 conclusion of this meeting.

***September12th during your planning***

Grade Levels will meet with our TLIM Coach – Shelly Hollis

(more info to come)

Mrs. Burleson has the CD for 7 Habits of Happy Kids if you'd like to "borrow" it.

Use the action forms in the workroom.

Remember the purpose of this form is to have continuity to our building and also prevent duplicate quotes and ideas throughout the building. Please use when considering anything permanent in the hallways. The forms will be placed in each workroom and can be returned when completed.

Looking for quick, meaningful lessons for that 7:15-7:45 time ...

----Just click on the box below to access the Leader In Me website.

  • Click the green "Leader in Me Online" Button, then use the registration code 2B4C3F0.

  • Click on Resources and choose 7 Habits Lesson Plans (listed by Habit and grade level)
  • There are great videos highlighting the habits

Lighthouse Team Members

Lisa Hicks

Andrea Bridges

Nancy Honea

Amber Ashworth

Kristin Walker Meeks

Betsy Loyd

Katrina Childers

The responsibilities of the Lighthouse Team include ensuring for smooth implementation of The Leader in Me, drafting a 3-year school wide implementation plan, and aligning the work of the team to the 9 Lighthouse Criteria that evidence a great leadership culture.

Visit the link below for Sean Covey's LIM Newsletter

Inspiration Around the School


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