Module 11 Overview

English IV

Society is composed of two great classes — those who have more dinners than appetite, and those who have more appetite than dinners. ~Sébastien-Roch Nicolas (Chamfort)

In this module we will be exploring Geoffery Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales as well as life in the medieval period of English literature. You will be examining this seminal piece of literature through the lens of its historical significance as well as looking at indirect versus direct characterization. In addition, we will be looking at an important historic document from this same time period: The Magna Carta.

Social Satire

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Mean Girls cafeteria tribes

Week 11 - England

  1. Review Module Overview & Submit Module 11 Overview 3-2-1 (1/2 hour)
  2. Review Feudal Life and complete Medieval Choice Box (1-2 hours)
  3. Review Magna Carta and complete Journal & Discussion Board (1-2 hours)
  4. Read The Canterbury Tales Prologue and complete the Character Assignment (2-3 hours)
  5. Complete the Help the Host Review Task (1/2 hour)

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