New Environment

Get it together

How we need to live our Life for HIGH SCHOOL

You need too have a positive lifestyle and stay away from those who might hold you back from accomplishing your goals . Don't stick to one particular person or group because in High School things are CONSTANTLY changing . Also you should take your Journey in High School seriously ; joking around , and less focus on your grades will affec your grades so dont try to rush into things , TAKE IT SERIOUS.

What things should we do to make ourselves be better people ?

In order to be a better person I think you should put yourself with a nice crowd ; and surround yourself wth people who have a positive attitudes . Dont get caught up with people who may influence your life in a bad way , or who may peer pressure to do things that you wouldn't normally do . So in order to be a better person you basically need to stay positive and keep your dreams alive . If you don't believe or have confidence in yourself then you will fall apart.

Why ?

I think you should surround yourself around respectful people with positive attitudes because they can benefit you in lifting your self-esteem, encouraging you to live healthier, or even just elevating the quality of your life. They positive attitude will carry on to you . But if you're around Negative people then their bad unhealthy attitude will reflect on you .
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How can we help out our community and country More ?

We can help out community and country more by avoiding littering , decreasing death rates , and keeping the young generation out of the streets. We also should try to get everyone involved in Vounteering; being apart of the community and helping out our community . By doing these thing it would greatly help out our community and even keep the youngest generation from getting into trouble .
Decreasing death rates help out our community because we cant help out our community if people are dieing .The more people die the more it impacts our community. We cant get anyone involved in community events if theres no one to invite.Avoiding littering helps our community because its keeping our enviroment clean , and it prevents us from getting any illness from contaminated products.Keeping the younger generation out of the streets helps out our commuinity because the younger generation makes up most of the community , and it impacts our community. Therefore if the younger generation are in the streets then it would be hurting the generation because it will be increasing death rates , and keeping the younger generation from getting involved .
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New Enviroments For School


High school and Middle school are two different things . In Middle school you are only allowed to miss nomore than ten days , but in High school your allowed to miss three days .Attendance is a huge factor when it comes to new enviroments for High School , because you cant miss as many days as you use to when you were in Middle School so that means you will have to change your routine because if not you will fail due to failure due to attendance which means FA .

" If facebook was school everyone would have perfect attendance"

Bad behavior / Fighting

Bad behavior ; Fights connects to new enviroment because their both handled in different ways . In middle school when you fight , usuallly you would get a ten day suspension from school and may have to go to Mulberry . But in High School when you fight you will get ten days and a charge depending on how bad the situation got , and in some situations you would get arrested on the spot. But their similiar also because you can get arrested nomatter what the situation is . So basically you should avoid fighting either way.
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"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”


Your surroundings connects to a new enviroment because you may have had one special friend who you knew through all grades , so I think its important to try to meet new people ; getting to know them and developing a new friendship with new people . You shouldnt be stuck to one particular group or surroundings because once you make it to High School you probably wont even see that person as much as you do because of the different classes . EXPAND YOUR SURROUNDINGS .
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New Enviroment ; Conclusion

Transferring to High School connects to new enviroments in several distinct ways . When steeping through those new doors everything changes . You go through new enviroments such as attendance, Bad behavior and your surroundings. You cant come come into High school with the same childish behavior , you have to change and fous more . By being positive , respectful and having a healthy , positive attitude.
In High school you get more privacy and youre responsible of your own actions . So my advice to you would be to have fun , dont rush into things and stay positive and your journey through High School should be exciting and fun :)
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By : Preannaa Chambers