Greek myths

By: Scott H.

Ruling, cursing, and leading greek gods do many things. The gods were a major part of Greek mythology. There are many Greek gods.

Greek mythology is very similar to Roman mythology. Hades is the same as the Roman's Pluto. Zeus is the Roman's Jupiter.

Hades is the god of death and wealth. He is also the king of the underworld. He married Persephone of the godess of flowers. His father was Cronus the king of the Titans.

Poseidon is the god of horses, earthquakes, and the ocean. He is the king of the ocean. His father was cronus like many others. He had a son in the form of a flying horse named Pegasus.

Zeus is the king of the gods and the sky. His father was the evil Cronus also. That Cronus must have really loved his wife. Zeus later married his mom Rhea. CREEPY. They gave birth to many children such as: Aphrodite the godess of love, Apollo the god of music and poems, Artemis the godess of the hunt also a sworn virgin, Dionysus the god of wine and parties, finally we have Hermes the messenger of the gods also the god of thieves, messages, and travel.

Cronus had three children Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. He ate Poseidon and Hades, but his mom Rhea saved Zeus by giving cronus a rock. When Zeus grew older he chopped his father into one million pieces just as Cronus had done to his own father. Zeus saved his brothers. Then cast Cronus into the depths of tarturus.

Basically what I learned was that greek myths can be very interesting. And that there are many, many Greek gods.

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