Happy February!

Happy February Dear Parents and Students,

We have had a successful start into the new year!

I am always eager to see your children come in every week excited for a new lesson and new material to learn. They are such a joy!

Please take a few minutes to read this email as it contains some special announcements and tips!


Have you run into a practice runt? Here are some tips on helping you child bring that joy of practicing back.

1. Take you child out to a recital. This will encourage them and help them stay motivated.

2. Have your child perform in front of family and friends every weekend. This will keep them stay on top of practicing.

3. Make sure to set up a specific time during the day that is considered "practice time".

  • Set some rules to help if needed (i.e no watching your favorite cartoon show until you have finished your practicing for the day. No candy or desert until 1 piece memorized, etc.)
4. Set aside time to sit next to your child when they practice. This will help them stay alerted to practice what they actually need to. If needed, help them read their assignment for the week from the orange assignment book.
5. If you are working when they are practicing - have them record themselves practicing at least 2 times per week. You can bring the video to me into the lesson to observe or watch it yourself. This way we can help guide them on their practicing technique.

  • A lot of times students come back to me saying they have not practiced this week because they forgot or because they had something else going on. Keeping that daily schedule of "practice time" will eventually turn into a habit and then into something your child can't live without. Being consistent will go a long way. Let me know if there is any way I can help with this.

NFMC February 25th!!

  • It's very exciting, this date is coming up so quickly!
  • As you get ready for this festive date, please take some time to help your child prepare. The music should be all memorized by this week and we are working on polish and effect.
  • Ask your child questions before he or she plays 1. What is your first note in each piece? 2. What kind of dynamic markings are in your piece (forte, mezzo forte, piano). 3. Are you holding all your half notes? Rests? Whole notes?
  • PERFORM! Practice performing in front of others! Have them play for friends, family, others. The more they perform, the more confident they will feel.
  • And remember, this day should feel festive as we have worked so hard on these 2 pieces!

Some Dates to Keep in Mind:

February 13-18: Skillmasters Performance Class Week

February 25: NFMC Festival at BJU

March 13-18: Bring a Friend Week

March 20-25: Skillmasters Performance Class Week

Always feel free to contact me anytime through email, phone call, or text. I deeply appreciate your involvement in your child's practicing and in staying in touch with me about it.

Musically yours,

Miss Oksana