Michael J. Strand

About the Artist

Michael works and lives in Fargo, North Dakota. There he is the Department Head and Professor of Art at North Dakota State University. He spent sixteen years in Nebraska where he attended University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He also went to Spain and collaborated with master Spanish ceramist J. Llorens Artigas. Strand’s work has been published internationally, with articles in Ceramics Technical, Studio Potter, Hemslojen, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Public Art Review. Michael has been married for twenty years to a physics teacher, Michelle Strand. They have two sons together

"I make objects that extend beyond the walls of the museum or the confines of a gallery. Without this restriction I work to build bridges between people through shared experiences with functional objects and ideas. Relationship is my content. Working in collaboration is my process. Community outreach through art, craft and design is my mission." I really like his art work. I enjoy the colors he uses in his pieces. I think it is awesome that he reaches out to his community. I also think it's cool that he went to UNL!