Orrick High School Bearcat Update

October 2015

Beautification Day

Beautification Day went great yesterday! The HS staff and students painted new lines in both HS parking lots, handicapped areas, reseeded the front of the HS, redid the landscaping in front of the HS, painteds the weight room, picked-up trash, pulled weeds and powerwashed the building. The outside of the HS building and parking lot looks great. A huge thank you to the staff, students, parents and community members for their help in making this event a huge success. Below are some pictures of the day

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, October 22 from 1:15-7:00 PM and there will be no school on Friday, October 23.

I encourage all parents to come in and meet with your child's teachers. This will help with building strong parent-teacher partnerships. We all want is best for your child and building these partnerships will only help in their educational development.

As a staff we are excited about the type of education we are able to provide your children. Please come and join us. We are excited about visiting with everyone.

Attendance Policy

All secondary students are expected to attend school regularly in order to benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Students are expected to keep at least a minimum of 90% attendance.

Absences will not be classified as excused or unexcused but simply accumulate. If a student is absent more than eight days in a semester, he/she will not be allowed to make up any work beyond the eighth day. The purpose of these eight days is for illness, doctor or orthodontist appointments, and other emergencies. In the event of extended illness or injury, a parent may request an extension through the high school principal. The principal may grant an extension if the reason for the absence is unavoidable (example: In the hospital, serious accident, etc.). The parent and the student, if necessary, may be asked to meet with a committee made up of the principal, counselor, and the student’s teachers to determine if an extension is to be granted and with what stipulations (example: Doctors’ verification, make up time, etc.).

An absence is defined as missing a whole class period, or missing ten minutes of class at the beginning or end of class. Leaving during lunch will still count as time missed during that class period.

Parents need to notify the school if their child is going to be absent. If this is not done, the school will make every effort to contact parents. If this is not accomplished, the absence will be considered truancy and disciplinary action will be followed.

Grades/Homework Blitz


Reminder: Every Monday grades will be submitted to the office for every student from every teacher. From these grade checks, an F List will be compiled. Students may not participate in extracurricular activities while on the F List. The results of the weekly grade checks will only be mailed home at the request of the parent/guardian. Teachers will not be allowed to sign a student off of the F list. They will be ineligible for the whole week if on the F list.


Homework Blitz days will be offered prior to scheduled grade checks. Students are invited to attend a scheduled Homework Blitz in order to make up missing work. The teacher who assigned it will grade work completed at a Homework Blitz and 30% will be deducted.

Homework Blitz will be offered every Thursday. If a student does not take advantage of that Homework Blitz to complete the missing assignments, he/she will receive a zero and have no other opportunities to turn in those assignments even though another Homework Blitz is offered the following week. Work due prior to a Homework Blitz will no longer be accepted after the Homework Blitz.

Athletic Physicals

Reminder: If you have a child that will be playing JH/HS Basketball and they do not have a current physical, they will need one before the first practice to be able to participate. Physical forms can be picked up in the HS office.

Josten's Orders

Josten's will be here October 15th from 7:30-8:15 in the library for students to place orders and make deposits.


October 5 Jostens Class Meetings 10 & 12 Grades 8:30-8:50 am

October 7 Jr/Sr Parent Night 7:00 library

October 10 CMU Band Day

October 12 JH Basketball practices begin

October 15 Jostens Order Day 10 & 12 Grades 7:30-8:15 am

October 15 JH Fall Sport Pictures (after school)

October 15 Senior Volleyball Night

October 16 Senior Night for Football, Band, Cheer and Dance 6:30

October 17 MWSU Parade

October 19 - 21 DIstrict Volleyball

October 22 Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 23 NO SCHOOL

October 24 District Choir

October 26 HS Fall Sport Pictures (after school)

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

November 1 First possible practice for HS Basketball

November 5 Compass Testing

November 7 District Band Auditions

November 10 Veterans Concert 6:30

Form the Desk of Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Carlson

"Career Exploration + Science = Success"

In collaboration with Mrs. Arnold, guidance counselor, the 9th grade students in Mrs. Carlson's Physical Science class completed a Career Research and Presentation Project focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Careers. Mrs. Carlson introduced STEM Careers and their growth in the current job market. She began each day of the unit with a bell ringer activity on Stem Careers to facilitate discussion. The project assigned by Mrs. Carlson was a Career Research Outline, Poster, and Presentation Project. Each student chose a STEM Career, and in many cases their own career interest was related in some way, and researched educational requirements, skills, salary, job duties and type of work, and job benefits and job drawbacks. The students were to create a poster on a specific STEM Career that included all of this information. Each student gave a presentation in class on their project and answered questions from their peers.

Mrs. Arnold reviewed the career paths and career clusters related to STEM Careers, as well as facilitated a discussion with students on what classes in high school should be taken for each cluster. Students also discussed what teachers they should talk to about classes if they chose a specific path or cluster. Mrs. Arnold also encouraged students to use a career exploration website called Missouri Connections to help them with research for the project. As part of the guidance curriculum at Orrick High School, each student creates an account of this website. Mrs. Arnold also assisted students with updating or revising their Personal Plans of Study (also known as their Four Year Plan) and showed students how to put the Personal Plans of Study on the Missouri Connections website. Both Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. Arnold enjoyed the final presentations.